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Located  on the  NW Pacific coast of  Costa Rica Tamarindo boasts  a relatively new international airport  only 40 minutes from  this popular surf town rich with lodging and culinary possibilities. With an ever increasing number of direct flights from the states now Americans can get there in just a few hours.  Guanacaste is often referred to as Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast”  and  is revered for its beautiful beaches and dry tropical rainforests making it one of the worlds most popular eco-tourism destinations its main competitive advantage being a well-established system of national parks and protected areas, covering 23.4% of the country, the largest percentage in the world and home to an amazing explosion of life. For a  country which has only 0.03% of the world’s landmass astoundingly it is estimated to house 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Guanacaste’s geographical features are diverse and exotic with endless options for recreation. There are countless reasons why locals and international visitors travel to Tamarindo and Guanacaste, given the diversity of life in what was  recently designated World Heritage conservation priority

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Tamarindo Surf Camps

Tamarindo features many options for surf enthusiasts and most importantly a consistent solid right break. See all listings for surf companies and thanks to Joe Walsh and his crew at Witch’s for participating in this project

Tamarindo Realtors

Richard Lacey and his team at Coldwell Banker Tamarindo are among the premier real estate and vacation rental companies and we appreciate their participation in this project. Click here to see all Tamarindo  business listings in this genre.


Tamarindo Luxury Villas is an offshoot of the Christies international franchise and Brian Bratton and his wife Carrie are the power couple behind this successful luxury franchise click to see theirs and other businesses in this genre


P& D Abogados are the most respected property attorneys in Guanacaste. Our go to attorney there is  Gabriel Chavez who will  help steer you right in your real estate and other legal needs in Guanacaste


Larry Graziano remains one of the nicest realtors we know in Guanacaste and handles the Tamarindo Playa Negra markets when he is not surfing or  tending to his beautiful young family.

Tamarindo/Conchal Rental Cars

Nelson Chacon and the Guanacaste team at Adobe Conchal/Tamarindo are looking forward to helping you with your car rental needs for Guanacaste and Costa Rica.

Brasilito Realtors

Tamarindo Relocation Specialists

Tamarindo Sailing Tours

Tamarindo Surf Hotels

Flamingo Realtors

Tamarindo Realtors


Bitchin Beach Days From Playa Tamarindo

Bitchin Beach Days From Playa Tamarindo

A tour of Tamarindo beach Tamarindo remains relatively unspoiled due to its unique geography and strong conservation practices. Tamarindo’s long term evolution and popularity stem from two seminal facts, one being its incredible unspoiled natural beauty, miles of...

Moving to Costa Rica? Look Before You Leap

Moving to Costa Rica? Look Before You Leap

Moving to Costa Rica for me was the result of many factors combining to make the decision possible. I had reached a natural juncture in life and business and had fallen in love with the country on my first visit a few years before so I finally picked up everything and...

Birding in Guanacaste

Birding in Guanacaste

Most birding tours in Costa Rica are focused on traveling to destinations like the Caribbean lowlands and foothills or the cloud forest of Costa Rica’s massive Pacific tropical rainforest. However Palo Verde is easily accessible from your next Guanacaste Beach...

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